One Month Pass

The best deal if you visit at least 5 times in one month, and not as much other months.

$99/FIRST CHILD + $49/SIBLING​​​​​​​

Unlimited visits to Rain or Shine for 30 consecutive days. Pay online, then come in person to initiate the pass. You choose the start date. With this pass, the adults accompanying the child named on the pass are FREE!

Rain or Shine 1 Month Pass

Monthly Subscription

The best deal if you regularly visit at least once a week.



Summer Sale!

Save $20/child off initial Reg Fee!


Unlimited visits to Rain or Shine for as long as you subscribe. Pay online with PayPal for the first month, then visit Rain or Shine to put your credit card on file for monthly renewal. With this pass, the adults accompanying the child named on the pass are FREE! 



$79/1 child; $109/2 child; $139/3 child

Regular rates: $99/1 child; $149/2 child; $199/3 child

SAVE $20-$60!


Credit card on filre required; please contact Rain or Shine in person or by phone to unsubscribe; monthly renewal date is 30 days after initial registration; months are paid in advance and are non-refundable once charged; semi-annual fee charged every 6 months


First month + Discounted Reg Fee

Rain or Shine Credit

The best for occasional visitors.

$100 FOR $85; $50 FOR $45

Credit NEVER expires! It's digitally linked to your rewards club account so you don't have to keep track of a card. Just check in with your phone number and use your credit to pay for admission, food, or drinks. Great gifts for any occasion!

Rain or Shine Credit



  • All sales are final and non-refundable.
  • Purchased items will not be shipped - please pick them up at Rain or Shine 
  • Please bring printed or digital copy of receipt when picking up your item.

Thank you!